• Designing with Power Inductors

    BI Technologies have developed a High Power High Performance Molded Surface Mount Inductor Series for use in a range of applications with substantial harsh environment capability.

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  • Designing with Power Transformers

    TT Electronics provides cost effective Switchmode Power Supply Transformers with a high power density and lower power losses in the form of Flyback, Forward and other isolated controller topologies.

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  • Designing with Common-mode and Differential-mode Chokes

    BI Technologies High Performance Chokes are extremely rugged and reliable and are available in a wide variety of package sizes featuring wideband performance and low insertion losses.

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  • Designing with Custom Magnetics

    BI Technologies are able to produce a wide range of custom magnetics products based on innovative engineered designs optimizing your product performance.

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  • Power Magnetics for IC Reference Designs

    BI Technologies is able to provide custom solutions to your specifications based on a range of Integrated Circuit Reference Designs.

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TT Electronics plc is a global electronics company. Within its Magnetics Business Unit are offices and operations in the USA, Europe and Asia with a manufacturing facility in Malaysia. Dedicated engineering teams are available within the Magnetics Business Unit to provide custom designs for an optimal solution to your particular requirement.

BI Technologies is a market leading brand within the Magnetics industry, with a track record in magnetic component innovation of almost twenty years having acquired the initial manufacturing facility in 1996 before transferring to a new location in Kuantan that same year.

TT Electronics offers a wide range of magnetic technologies used in a number of different industries and a broad standard product range, in addition to providing custom engineered solutions.